Pop/Wind Filter

Pop Filters/Wind filter  should always be 6 inches from the microphone. Its purpose is to clean up
the recordings by taking out the wind before it hits the microphone.

Metal vs Mesh

Mesh is material and can become dirty over time were metal dose not have this issue but can sometime effect the vocal sound from the metal reflections. Both do the job and as you can guess metal is durable and will last longer.

Mesh Pop Filter’s

Metal Pop Filter’s

Recording Shield’s

The bigger the room the better because the microphone  will pick up the natural reverb in the room
and if it has a farther bounce back will not be as dominant and easier to mix.

Be wary of equipment around that can affect the recording such as fans, old or kinked wires,
open windows, fridges, people and anything else that maybe making a noise.


Tips For Mixing & Producing


Mixers vs M-Box’s

Mixers allow you to pre-mix or add effects before it enters your pc with saves on CPU but if your just recording vocals you can get away with an M-Box. It really comes down to your recording style and knowledge.



Equipment For Making Beat’s

Audio & Sound

Software For Mixing Vocal’s

 Software For Making Beat’s